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About us

We are group of Yoga teachers who facilitate the best Yoga Guru's from the world to spread the various forms of Yoga practice, knowledge and joy for Yoga seekers and practitioners . 

Our aim is to spread the Yoga inspiration around us.

Yoga Events

We organize yoga events and retreats across India. 

We ensure  our events are affectionate, compassionate, warm, engaging, illuminating. 

Yoga Retreats

As India is motherland of yoga  the country naturally offers some of the best spaces to broaden your understanding of the ancient practice. We help you to get there.

Yoga Guru's

We connect with various Yoga guru's and variety of courses and training programs. Taught under the supervision of expert Yoga teachers.

Yoga Practitioners

 Yoga Utsav offers among the range of courses at the Ashram specialized camps for kids , students, teenagers, as well as advanced training programs. 

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Yoga Seekers, Teachers and Groups can contact us below for Yoga sessions, events, retreats and collaborations. 

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Yoga Utsav

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